Pet’s Corner (Lincoln) Contact Number: 01522 696 467

Pet’s Corner (Lincoln) Contact Number: 01522 696 467

Phone the Lincoln branch of Pets Corner on their store-specific contact number 01522 696 467 for information about their opening times or to ask about any ongoing offers on specific dog food brands.


Overview of Pets Corner

Pets Corner is one of the UK’s most popular pet stores, providing specialist food and accessories for a variety of animals. For instance, customers can purchase food and pet supplies for dogs and cats, along with for small animals such as reptiles. The UK pet store will also stock products for tropical fish and wildlife in branches across the country, such as in their popular Lincoln branch.


Lincoln Enquiries – 01522 696 467

Call the Lincoln pet shop on their main store enquiries contact number 01522 696 467 to discuss the price of Pets Corner branded supplies or to ask how to purchase a gift voucher over the phone. For instance, callers can use this number to discuss the availability of small pets such as rabbits and gerbils or can enquire about the cost of buying a tropical fish. The store also provides any cages, crates, or beds to ensure a safe home for a new pet. Customers can also check the availability of stock such as cage hay or food such as extruded pellets for small animals. You may also wish to bulk buy or place a regular order for bird food at the Lincoln store. Typically, the pet shop is fully stocked in the way of both dry and wet food for cats and dogs.

You should also use this number to discuss Pets Corner’s return policy if you have recently purchased a pet but would like to bring the animal back to the store. However if you have changed your mind about your purchase after the returns period has transpired then you will have to discuss the best course of action with your nearest animal charity or shelter. By the same token, you can call a Pets Corner representative for advice on how to best look after a particular pet, whether it is a dog or a more exotic animal that you have purchased from the shop.

Notably, Pets Corner provides free parking meaning that you can bring any animals to the Lincoln store at your own convenience, rather than have to carry a particular pet across the city. Customers should therefore take note of the the Pets Corner address and postcode to plan their visit, provided they are visiting during the opening times listed below: Pets Corner, 1 Moorland Way, Lincoln, LN6 7JW, United Kingdom.


Call Costs and Opening Times

The Pets Corner uses a local Lincoln contact number that will charge callers the same standard per-minute rate as any other geographic call that is made from a UK landline or mobile phone. However, you may be able to contact the store for free if you are using any inclusive free minutes that have been offered by your service provider as part of your tariff arrangement. Moreover, the Lincoln pet shop is available to be contacted during the opening hours of 8:30am–6pm Monday to Saturday, 10am–4pm Sundays.


Email the Lincoln Pet Shop

If you require urgent support regarding the care of a pet or would like to contact the store outside of their opening times then you may prefer to send them an email at the following address: